University Auditorium

– Restrict the entry/exit of students to the area in question.

– See from your monitoring center the movement of educational staff and students at a specific point.

– Detect possible fires on the premises, protect valuable assets, people and your infrastructure.

– Monitor in real time the location of your valuable assets and detect any unauthorized attempt to extract them.

– Security platform that allows you to carry out all the above functions.

– Manage the environment of the auditorium(s) so that it is comfortable, and reduces energy costs.

– Manage lighting levels in the auditorium(s) and reduce energy costs.

– Automation Platform, which allows you to manage the air conditioning, lighting and monitoring systems of other variables.

– Proper audio and video equipment is provided to communicate and inform both the incoming student public and the administrative staff of the University.

– Synchronization of clocks, see the schedule in real time.