Fire Detection Solution

They are intended to notify the occupants of the building or facility to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Access Control Solution

Refers to a mechanism that, based on the already authenticated identification, allows access to data or resources.

Fire Suppression Solution

Through aspiration detection technology, we manage to achieve an efficient and effective approach in case of a fire event.

Intrusion Alert Solution

This is a passive security solution. they do not prevent an abnormal situation; however, they are capable of warning of it, thus fulfilling.

Video Surveillance Solution

Visual surveillance technology that combines the analog benefits of traditional CCTV camera, with the digital benefits of networks.

Clock Solution

Synchronized clocks are devices that provide exactly the same time to all clocks in the system.

Ambient Sound Solution

Means to distribute the audio through various modules located in different sections of the construction area.

Telephone Solution

The IP telephone system solution provides telephone services to users, interconnected with each other.

Lighting Control Solution

This is a control solution based on communication networks between various components, designed to regulate.

Nurse Call Solution

Application focused on improving communication between a patient and their medical staff.

Automation Solution

They are computer systems that control and automate the mechanical, electrical, and technological elements of buildings.

Asset Control Solution

An Asset Control system is the one that manages and controls precisely and in real time all the location of the assets.