sistemas detector de incendios

A Fire Detection System is considered a group of tools or equipment that prevent a fire in emergencies which cannot be regulated; which will affect the building and the people who work in the corporation.

The purpose is to safeguard the lives of the occupants of a building, visually or audibly notifying the incident.

These systems can identify each device in the system and change the sensitivity of the smoke and temperature detectors; they can read the percentage of dirtiness; program the activation sequence of the sirens and relays. They can also work with graphical monitoring software that identifies each device in the system.


Components of the fire detection systems

  • Power supplies and batteries
  • Fire panel
  • Manual Station
  • Smoke detector and temperature detector
  • Device
  • Audio-visual notification
  • Input modules
  • Output modules
  • Remote Indicator

sistemas de alarma contra incendios
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