sistema de supresión de incendios


A fire suppression system is a method in which a set of equipment extinguishes the fire using chemicals or water. Fire extinguishing systems have characteristics that allow them to identify the fire in its first stage, and act accordingly until it is automatically suppressed, in some cases manual activation is required.

We manage 2 types of clean agents:

  • Dupont Ecaro 25
  • Clean Agent NOVEC 1230

Clean Agent Suppression System Components

  1. Clean agent fire extinguishing cylinder
  2. Nozzle 

2.1 Roof   2.2 Double Floor

  1. Fire detection and control device
  2. Automatic fire detector

4.1 Roof. 4.2 Double Floor

  1. Siren alarm
  2. Pressure release
  3. Aspiration smoke detector

Places where clean agents can be used

  • Hospital records and equipment
  • Emergency rooms, control rooms
  • Computer centers and Datacenters
  • Telecommunications Centers
  • Archives
  • Machine rooms
  • Libraries
  • Vaults
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries

supresión de incendios

Wet Suppression System.

The wet suppression systems based on automatic sprinklers act immediately in the event of a fire, thus protecting human lives and property in a building.

Parts that make up a Wet Suppression system

  • Water Storage Tank – Contains the exclusive water reserve for the wet suppression system.
  • Main pump: It is responsible for driving the water from the storage tank, through the pipes and to the fire control devices.
  • Distribution network: it is a pipe that distributes the system’s water from the main pump to the different points of the building where the fire control devices are located.
  • Fire control devices made up of hose cabinets in the case of manual activation systems, and automatic sprinklers in the case of automatic activation systems.